Construction & Contracting

Our construction and contracting services are tailored to each project and property, whether residential, industrial, commercial, or investment properties. Our team is well experienced in all stages of the construction cycle; from concrete skeletons, to renovations, to turn-key projects, all the way to bringing forth technical solutions to optimize and capitalize on investment and commercial properties.

Project Supervision & Management

The Group’s highly experienced Engineers and technical teams ensure that all projects are executed and completed efficiently and effectively. Our projects are well managed and monitored to ensure that all works and services are kept up to standard and quality to develop an end product that meets and exceeds client expectations.

Project Design

Our highly experienced and talented design team approach every project with attentiveness ensuring innovative designs and solutions tailored to the taste and vision of the client and project. Our design team specializes in architectural, structural, conceptual, and interior design.

Pricing & Costing

In todays highly competitive industry and changing trends, our pricing and costing team ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest trends, access, and prices. Our pricing and costing team are continuously monitoring their suppliers and network reach to keep their database, methods, sources, and supply chain updated. The main goal of this team is to develop efficient and effective methods to reduce costs, yet increase value and quality.

Turn-key Projects

Due to the large variety of integrated services offered by Al Terkait Group, we are able to execute complete turn-key projects for our clients. Our scope of services for turn-key projects includes: feasibilities and due diligence, pricing and costing, concept and design, construction and finishes, all the way to property and facility management.

Health, Safety, & Environmental Sustainability

At Al Terkait Group, our teams are fully aware of and well encompassed in regards to health, safety, and environmental sustainability; a crucial element to construction and management of properties. The Group practices an organized effort, with strict regulations and procedures, for identifying and preventing workplace hazards and reducing accidents and harm in all services offered by the Group; from construction to property and facility management.