Our Team

Al Terkait Group’s management and team are comprised of highly qualified and experienced individuals who dedicate themselves daily to ensure the growth and success of the Company while ensuring client satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Our team consists of strategic executive management, full fledge operational divisions, and a well-trained and experience workforce. Our team is determined to bring forth international quality standards, health and safety precautions, and vigorous research and development methods to continuously monitor and adapt to the changing market trends and innovation in technology.

At Al Terkait Group, staff training and development is key to the Group’s success and growth. It is vital that our team is continuously equipped and trained with the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience in order to keep up with rapid changes in technologies and methods of the 21st Century. Moreover, it is crucial that our team is always up-to-date in regards to local and international health any safety laws, international quality standards, and even environmental sustainability.

Al Terkait Group consists of several core divisions comprised of, but not limited to: Executive Commit- tee, Finance & Internal Audit, Real Estate Development, Projects & Supervision, Design, Tenders & Bids, Property & Facility Management, and Investments.