Real Estate Investments Funds

Real estate investment funds are one of the Group’s core differentiation services. Our specialized investments team are experts in local, regional, and international real estate investments and continuously seek lucrative investment opportunities for the Company. Investment funds include, but are not limited to: acquiring, selling, developing of properties and plots, real estate fund management, due diligence and feasibilities, and investing in local and international real estate funds.

Feasibility Studies

Our investments team approach each potential opportunity with vigilance ensuring that the proper due diligence and feasibilities have been performed. Feasibilities and due diligence are under taken when any new project or investment opportunity prospers. Moreover, the investments team continuously research and seek out for new opportunities and projects, as well as propose lucrative investments to the executive committee.

Acquisitions, Affiliations, & Mergers

Al Terkait Group is always keen to seek lucrative acquisitions of operational companies and businesses that complement the Group’s main line of business. All potential acquisitions undergo thorough due diligence of track record, financials, operations, and market stance. Moreover, the Company also has an open eye to potential partnerships and affiliations with entities that can add value and/or compliment the Company’s main line of business.